In Part 1, we looked into how we can call across microservices using a strongly typed client generated by using Swagger and NSwag. In this post, we will look into using Dapr for service discovery and how this simplifies the process.

Dapr, the distributed application runtime, has many great features available out of the box. We will be using the service invocation building block to call our User API from the Registry API to validate the user.

The first step is to install the Dapr CLI. The instructions to install the cli can be found here. After installing the CLI…

In the world of .Net APIs, communication between microservices can be achieved using multiple techniques, either by using the httpClient directly or considering an approach using GRPC. In this two-part series, we will be first looking at how this kind of communication can be achieved using typed rest clients built with swagger and NSwag, and in the second part, we will be using Dapr to show an alternative way of achieving the same. Hopefully, at the end of this excercise, we’ll be able to understand the two techniques and the problems they are attempting to solve.

The application we will…

Running .Net Core applications with a frontend SPA framework like Angular or React is now as simple as using one of the built-in templates in Visual Studio. Visual Studio also provides excellent docker support but there can be a few gotchas along the way that we need to be aware of.

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at building an ASP.Net Core application with an Angular SPA for the frontend and creating a ready-to-publish docker image out of it. The first thing we need is to create the project.

In Visual Studio, create a new project using the Asp.Net…

Signal R with ASP.Net Core is an open-source library providing real-time communications between the client and the server. With just a couple of lines of code, we can easily add this capability to any core web application and leverage a powerful feature-set.

In this blog, I’ll use a Microk8s cluster running locally to deploy the app, but the files and commands should work with any cluster without requiring too many changes. The full source code for the example described in this blog can be found here.

The application we’ll be working with is a simple .Net core web app…

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